IIT Roorkee
2017 - 2022


Product Manager
Feb 2021 - Present
Product Designer
Apr 2020 - May 2020
Product Designer
May 2019 - Jul 2019

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My Product Observations

Mentors on Facebook
  • You can volunteer to become a mentor on facebook now. However, facebook doesn't review or verify these mentors which means that anyone can become a mentor. Facebook takes no responsibility for their opinions or advice or credibility...
  • Also when you click on a mentor there's just very basic info on them and just a CTA to directly send them a message ... there's also no link to their main facebook profile. I feel this is problematic. Not encouraging people to do a thorough background check before connecting with someone is very irresponsible on Facebook's part if you ask me.
  • I somehow feel that Facebook has its fingers in too many things and is not really focusing on them... for eg, this mentorship thing if done well could be so great and helpful! But if it goes wrong even slightly it could lead to dangerous consequences for young, impressionable minds.
Deleting Account on Instagram
  • The Instagram app has no option to delete your account.  You need to go all the way to the website to do that. Even the temporary deactivation option is hidden away in a corner of the app.
    I don't know how I feel about this. I understand that it boosts the numbers... but is it ethical? I really don't think so.
  • Duolingo has a feature where they basically play a simplified conversation for you to follow and ask you questions along the way to gauge your understanding. It's an excellent way to increase the learner's confidence and to teach them how conversations actually go.
    The best part is that the conversations are not dry. They have voice modulation to articulate emotions and this varies from language to language depending on the culture associated with it (some cultures are naturally more expressive while others aren't).
Tick tick
  • "Just logged into tick tick for the first time and the following is something I really liked:
  • When you try making your first list, they give you a pre-made list to take reference from thus giving you an idea of how to go about doing so efficiently. Found it very useful especially for my fitness list. Gave me a good idea of how I can go about organising my list."
Slack: Tagging an entire channel
  • When you tag an entire channel on slack, they ask you to think again if you wish to notify x no. of people in y no. of different timezones . I think that's incredibly thoughtful, smart and helpful. It helps you understand what tagging the channel really means and saves everyone from unnecessary mentions and distractions.

My Publications

Mini Case Studies

How to motivate people to donate to wikipedia?

Approach: Find out why we're unable to raise the requisite amount of money and
then solve the problem keeping wikipedia's mission and principles in mind.


  1. To convince users - change design and copy.
  2. People who are unable to afford - reduce/remove minimum amount of donation
  3. To address logistical issues - include more payment options
  4. To increase motivation - incentivize users, give out certificates and badges
Design a doorbell for a hearing impaired person

Assumption: the person is completely incapable of hearing

Purpose of a doorbell: To inform the people inside the house when someone knocks
on their door.

Solution :
An inconspicuous wearable that vibrates when the bell rings. This wearable should be

  • waterproof
  • attract no attention (since the specially abled are very vulnerable to crime, we
    don't want anything to attract too much attention to their handicap)

The Wearable can be a piece of jewellery say a ring or an earring.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Founder and head - The Alumni Podcast, IIT Roorkee (July 2020 - Present)
  • Product Manager and UX Designer - Design Studio, IITR (Jan 2019 - Present)
  • Editor - WatchOut!, IIT Roorkee (September 2017 - June 2020)
  • Core Team Member - The Debating Society, IITR (September 2017 - June 2019)
  • Teaching Volunteer - JEE Cell, NSS IITR (September 2017 - April 2018)