Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
2018 - 2022


Growth Research Intern
May 2020 - Jun 2020
Associate Product Manager Intern
Mar 2021 - Jul 2021

My Projects

Analysis of Deliverable Equity, Futures and Options| Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Conducted an analysis of equity, futures and options of Hero-MotoCorp. and HDFC-Bank. Calculated the risk unadjusted returns and Sharpe ratio.
  • Calculated Option prices using Binomial-Tree-Method and compared it with actual prices to check accuracy.Suggested the best type of instrument and frequency for investment in Hero-MotoCorp. and HDFC-Bank.
Analysis of the risk and capital structure of the companies| Financial Management
  • Conducted a risk assessment of Tata Consultancy Services and its competitors and industry average. Ran a regression of companies returns against Nifty Index and using CAPM Model, calculated and interpreted risk.
  • Analyzed the impact of dividend announcement on its stock return by comparing it with historical returns
Finding organizations, self-help groups, and shelter homes for NON-COVID causes | Donatekart
  • Researched and Analyzed 60+Organizations, Self-Help Groups and Shelter Homes on the basis of Minimum Visibility Threshold, Impact and Outreach for possible collaboration with Donatekart.
  • Researched Donatekart’s Revenue Generation Patterns, Competitor Analysis and Campaigns hosted on Donatekart’s Website by different Organizations/Individuals.

My Product Observations

Paytm Mini App Store | A fool's gambit or a Masterstroke ?
Paytm launches its own Mini App Store to rival Google's Play Store
  • These mini-apps will not be full-fledged apps per se but rather be web apps that are basically websites that act like native apps.
  • The move has the potential of being welcomed by many Indian developers. Also, it falls under the Atmanirbhar Bharat mission drive as the digital spending of the consumers is in India only.
  • In order to lure small startups, Paytm has said that mini-apps can be set up using HTML and JavaScript.
  • This may turn out to be a big boon for local businesses as they don’t want to spend big on apps and clearly don’t want to give Google a 30 per cent cut on their in-app purchases.
  • It will be unwise if Google does not pay attention to this, since it employs the possibility of being the biggest loser if Mini-App Store succeeds.
Thrasio | Possibilities ahead ?
What is Thrasio and why is it so successful ?
  • So what does Thrasio actually do? It finds the “top-reviewed, bestselling” essential everyday products on Amazon, and buys the brands from the small business owners.
  • Often for these types of businesses (Which Thrasio buys), getting an exit is not always as easy as it should be when you have something that works.
  • These kinds of businesses are easy to get started but when they succeed, they become harder to manage over time
  • There’s not a lot of institutional buyers out there for companies and hence when they secure an exit worth Millions, Thrasio integrated them onto its proprietary operating platform. It then works to optimize them through branding and search, for example.
  • Owing to its operational profitability, VCs are amazed by the thought of investing in Thrasio and looks like small e-commerce players also love their exit but it remains to be seen that whether the monopoly created by these acquisitions would be good in the long run.

My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

You are the Product Manager for Netflix. What killer feature would you build next?

I would like to define the user segments who consume Netflix’s Services. The major pain points faced by these sets of users are:

  1. They like to share their opinions and recommendations with their family and friends and would love to help recommend content.
  2. Content discovery and Recommendation

The solutions can be:

  1. Netflix Engage: This feature lets you build a group/community just like a WhatsApp Chat group with friends or family or fellow Netflix consumers.
  2. Share your view timeline with your friends, family etc.
How would you improve Google Docs?

I would like to define the user segments who consume Docs’ Services. I see that the area which can be impacted the most and have clear user needs in my eyes are the Professionals. I would like to go forward with them and report their user needs:

  1. Various real-time editing and group collaboration tools.
  2. Integration with third-party features.

The solutions can be:

  1. Save pictures in a library to access them in a variety of formats and paste them on the docs in multiple methods.
  2. Create a function to link docs with more collaboration plugins.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Student Welfare Division (SWD), Nucleus {BITS Pilani}, Committee Elected Member
  • Part of the team that achieved City Rank - 1 and among Top 20 National Finalists at Vodafone Derek O’ Brien’s Faster Smarter Better Challenge held among1000+ Institutions
  • Part of the team that got selected among a cohort of 30 odd Startups among 1000+ Participants for Pre-Incubation Program hosted by Headstart Takeoff
  • Represented Indore Division at State Cricket Championship held by SGFI