Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
2018 - 2022


Treebo Hotels
Feb 2021 - Present
Kognoz Research and Consulting
Dec 2020 - Jan 2021
Associate Consultant
PwC India
May 2020 - Aug 2020

My Projects

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Landscape in India
  • Advised a Japanese automotive manufacturer giant on implementing Computer Vision in their manufacturing process
  • Funneled 150 professors, 60 startups, and 160 incubators basis 10+ parameters to suggest explorable ventures to client
  • Coached by ex-BCG, McKinsey consultants to execute primary and secondary research and collate insights into a deck

My Product Observations

How to improve the X-ray feature on Kindle?
Kindle app has this amazing x-ray feature of reading extra about stuff thats on the current page and even categorised into people terms etc.
  • However the accessibility is a problem. I like to explore apps so I was able to make it to X-Ray feature. But for some readers who like to know more about stuff that they are reading , this feature is almost invisible in the 3-dot menu.
  • My suggestion: Either there should be a direct X ray button in the menu or maybe we could click on a few highlighted terms and see the X-ray ( not sure of the feasibility) but the latter option would require great UI implementation otherwise it will be a chaos and would overall decrease the UX of the readers.
How great is Outlook's "Play Email" feature?
Microsoft Outlook introduced a “Play email” feature that reads your email out loud instead of you opening and reading them.
  • It nudges you to ask whether you want to play unread emails or not. So easy to access. There is a button as well which is downed in the options in the hamburger menu.
  • When using it first time, it tells you how it will function both in text and audio format ( keeping in mind audio mindset) . This is great since you get to know the entire functionality.
  • However, it is not very efficient as of now in reading email. One of the emails that it read to me was just blatantly reading the entire text in the email. It was a teams invite so it could have just mentioned that I got a team invite to so and so rather than reading through the email( this kind of integration is atleast possible with Teams which is a microsoft product)
Instagram missing the save photo feature.
Even post integration with facebook, Instagram still doesn't allow saving of photos that you see in the feed ( Facebook allows it. )
  • I tend to use instagram a lot these days for infotainment purposes. However, instagram is a place where people share photos, everything else followed later, right? The feed was and is the core of instagram.
  • Interestingly, we cant save photos directly through the 3dot menu. You need to take a screenshot and then maybe crop the picture out of it as per convenience.With insta’s integration with likes of FB and Whatsapp , this is feature that should be there. FB has it, Whatsapp has it, why not Instagram? After all, its the place for photos.
Apple watch coming to save when you can't find your iPhone.
More often than not we misplace our phones in the blankets etc or sometimes forget in pockets. And we cant find it when we need it.
  • Apple watch has incorporated a feature of ringing the iphone right from the watch to locate your phone. I think it solves a very prevalent problem with ease.
  • And you can choose to even vibrate if the sound is not enough to locate the phone.
Major UI and UX improvements required in Digilocker app
Digilocker is an app by GoI that lets you store important documents in digital form in a secured way.
  • First of all the homepage is directly searching for documents and not my documents which is why mostly someone would come to app once I uave it installed for a good time. Instead there could be a my documents at home screen and just a plus symbol to add more.
  • Secondly the home page and search page are almost similar just the search tab has a feature of searching through the kind of documents. Waste of space and creates ambiguity.
Why does Linkedin have the "Name pronounciation" feature?
Linkedin shows a speaker icon on each profile who has chosen to share the pronounciation of their name.You can listen to the pronounciation by clicking on the icon.
  • Linkedin’s name pronounciation feature aligns with the linkedin’s major goal of connecting of recruiters and recruitees.
  • Whenever a recruiter proceeds with hiring process its usually through over call/video facility other than linkedin and the way we pronounce each other’s name helps put up a good impression.

My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

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Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Gold Medal, Inter IIT Tech Meet 2019 - Ashoka Tech-for-Change Challenge
  • Deputy General Secretary, Students Affair Council IIT Roorkee
  • Manager, ShARE-IITR ( Consulting Club)