Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
B Tech
2018 - 2022


PM Intern
Jan 2021 - Present

My Projects

  • Built a community portal Osmosis to cater to the academic needs of first-year campus students. Carried out user research, communicated with the tech team, and shipped new versions based on feedback which resulted in onboarding 500+ users.

My Product Observations

How MS Teams promotes Onedrive
  • For uploading any assignment on MS teams, ‘Upload from Device’ is placed at an undiscoverable position while Upload from Onedrive is exactly at the center.
  • All outlook email attachments are stored in Onedrive and While attaching any attachment to an email, it gives the choice to select from previously uploaded attachments.
Miro Lock element feature.
  • It is common to click-push around the canvas in whiteboard apps and the lock option saves users from accidentally moving an element that they didn't intend to move.
  • User can easily misclick the unlock option while hovering over the settings on an element and to avoid that, you have to long press to unlock or right click and select unlock. The unlock option comes with a delight animation as well.

My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

How can you improve Google Doc for collaborative docs?

Major pain points for collaborators are

  1. The feedback for any edit in the doc is delayed due to asynchronous working.
  2. Collaborators sometimes edit in sections wherein they are not supposed to edit, creating a mess for the chief editor.

The solutions can be:

  1. Pain Point 1 can be addressed by a button to schedule meeting over gmeet with specific collaborators to discuss writings live with each other and share the doc on the screen by default.
  2. For 2nd problem, on selection of text or section, an option to edit permissions of collaborators in that section should appear on right click.
Build a feature around Social Aspect for Netflix

For College students and teens, A major pain point is that they do not trust a random recommendation given by netflix, rather a big motivation for this user base to onboard is to avoid FOMO of not watching a particular movie.

The solution for the following pain points:

  1. Have a feature  to add friends on Netflix and let friends comment or post reviews on Netflix shows, recommend them to friends and sort shows based on recency, positivity and frequency of the comments.
  2. Sharing the monthly history categorized by top shows, genre and cast with friends via other social media apps.

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Overall Coordinator - Entrepreneurship Cell IIT Guwahati:
    Coordinating North-East India's biggest E-cell with a team of 50 executives and 6 departments including corporate relations, content, branding, events, creatives, and web operations. Lead a 3 tier team to conduct a webinar series hosting famous entrepreneurs and product managers including YC CEO and partners, Wikipedia founder and Forbes 30u30 Personalities. Started a mentorship initiative for campus startups by connecting with mentors and investors.
  • Manager - InternFair
    Lead a team of 12 associate managers to onboard 36 startups and 600+ student applications for InternFair. Optimized the process and increased startup participation by 89% YOY.