India’s Top 40 Product Intern
Successfully qualified for Upraised APM Internship Programme out of 10,000+ aspirants
My Top PM Skills
Data Driven & Experimentative
Technical Understanding
Product Sense


Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
MBA(International Business)
2020 - 2022
IIIT Jabalpur
B Tech
2013 - 2017


Product Management Intern
Feb 2020 - Present
Associate Consultant
Oracle Financial Services
Jul 2017 - Aug 2018
SWE Intern
May 2016 - Nov 2016

My Projects

Bucketit: Product Discovery Platform for Indie-app developers in India.
  • Did user research, identified the right user persona by speaking to number of founders, Indie-app developers (in Tier 2-3 cities).
  • Developed user flows and prioritized features for MVP launch.
  • Wrote PRD and worked with a team of  developers to build platform.
  • Beta Launch for a small cohort of Indie app developers.
WhatsApp Plus : Case on Monetizing WhatsApp in light of Big Tech Regulations and Privacy laws in India.
  • Defined the problem space and behavioral changed required & scoped out the revenue potential.
  • Developed an approach for shifting to Freemium model without having a serious impact on MAU and DAU numbers.
  • Developed additional features for premium users to be bundled in WhatsApp & Ad Placement for freemium users.
  • Defined the risk involved, mitigation strategy & Go to Market strategy.

My Product Observations

How MakeMyTrip, an Indian travel booking platform survived Pandemic?
MMT is my go-to travel booking platform and these are some of my observation about new Products and Initiative MMT launched last year to ride the pandemic.
  • Launched Online Gourmet Delivery service for food lovers from top restaurants in metro town thus keeping its premium user engaged and reduced significant churn.
  • Introduced special COVID-19 travel Insurance policies as part of their bookings to promote and encourage safe outdoor travels.
  • Introduced Curated Nearby Getaways for travelers who are tried of being at home and want to safely step out, thus steadily accelerating its booking.
How is Bumble making waves in the dating world?
Bumble broke several norms in the dating world by incorporating smart psychological hacks in their products to build connections among its users.
  • Centered the entire product around women, giving them the first move advantage thereby also reducing number of bad interactions on its platform and thereby cognitive load of spams and excess user engagements.
  • Allows users to add prompt in their profiles which effectively serves as great conversation starters for folks that just met on the platform.
  • Beeline feature lets you see who else like you(variable reward, every time you open the app) and thus triggering users to come back on the app from time to time.

My Publications

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Mini Case Studies

What is your Favorite Product and how will you improve it?

Amazon Kindle
The problem it solves for me 1. Space Efficient 2. Improves Convenience 3.  Reduce Distraction 4. Lesser wait time 5. Help me stay focused.

Some of the pain points that I have observed are:

  1. Urge to discuss the book while reading with like-minded folks.
  2. No facility to switch to the audio mode and listen to the same book via audible on kindle devices.

The solution for these pain points can be:

  1. Create community groups readers can become part of to discuss the book.
  2. Integrate audible inside Kindle via Bluetooth connect & bundled pricing.
Design a product that encourage voting 3 months before a major state election?

To solve this, I would first identify user segments, prioritize them based on the size and impact.

Three segments 1. People who vote regularly. 2. Sporadic voters 3. Never votes.
I will select Sporadic voters because of the size of the segment and if influenced, they would most likely go and vote.
Problems: 1. Why to vote 2. How to vote 3. Where to vote 4. Whom to vote.


  1. Report card on the app, from last winning candidate and how many fulfilled.
  2. E-connect with voters of the constituency for AMA sessions.
How would you improve Facebook’s Search Monetization?

To solve this, I will focus on people looking for services in their local neighborhood.
And tend to go on Fb to search and find them.

Major Pain points for these users:

  1. Discovery:  finding the right people.
  2. No way to figure out from their post, their location in the city or previous ratings.

The way I will try to monetize search while solving these pain points.

  1. Create custom page for workers, where users can also rate these services post completion of their job.
  2. Option for workers to promote their services post when people search (as ads).

Achievements & Extra Curriculars

  • Finalist, Product Case Study competition at E-Summit IIT Roorkee, in association with Let's Transport 2020
  • Finalist, Product Construct at E-Summit IIT Madras organized by Entrepreneurship Cub 2021