Selection Test Round 2
14:00 IST on 29 November, 2020
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Stand out
with the
right internship.

Stand out
with the right internship.

Your gateway to Product Management right after your undergraduate degree

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Benefits for you

A fully paid internship as an APM/Product Analyst with promising high-growth companies.

Get ahead with an exciting Product internship on your resume.

Expert led hands-on training prior to the internship to increase your chance of landing a PPO

Become part of an exclusive group of emerging Product Managers across the country.

Programme Details

Who is it for?

3rd year engineering students* who are aspiring to become Product Managers and looking for attractive non-core roles. M.Tech/MBA 1st yr/ 4th yr dual can also apply.

Partner Colleges

Placement cells of these colleges have partnered with Upraised for the programme. Check the list to ensure your college is one of them. Click at the link below:

List of partner colleges

What if my college is not on the list?

You can register to appear in the selection process & secure additional offers as long as your college placement cell does not have objections. Please note that the flagship 25 opportunities are reserved for students of partner colleges only.

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Programme Process

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Net Practice
Download the app and take the practice test to familiarise yourself with the test environment.
Earn Your Spot
Each student is required to clear 3 rounds of selection tests. These tests don’t require any prior preparations.
Get your Internship Guarantee
All candidates who make it through 3 rounds of the selection tests will be offered a guaranteed internship as an Associate Product Manager or Product Analyst.
Get Trained
All selected candidates will receive 3 weeks of hands-on learning program led by experts to increase their chances of getting an internship as well as a Pre-Placement offer.
Secure an Internship
Selected candidates will interview with several high growth companies to get their internship offer. All internships will be paid & have the option of converting to a PPO.
Accept an offer


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Nov 10
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Net Practice
Nov 21
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Final Selection Test
Dec 5
Dec 8
Selection List Release
Dec 10
Dec 31
Learning Journey
Jan 10
Jan 20
Interviews & Offer Roll-out

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Registrations are closed for this year

But you can continue to learn & grow with us!
We are launching a vibrant product community on
1st December 2020.

The community will focus on guiding you to become a good PM.
Get an invite and learn with 2500+ aspiring PMs!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do associate product managers do?

Product management is one of the hottest jobs in the market. These are cross-functional high ownership roles in tech firms that comprises a good mix of ideation, user research, implementation, stake-holder management, data analysis and experimentation. It is a business (non-coding) role.

How many students will be selected?


What am I supposed to do to participate in the programme?

Registrations are closed for this year. However, you can continue to learn & grow with us.

We are launching a vibrant product community on 1st December 2020.

The community will focus on guiding you to become a good PM. It is specially focused on aspiring product managers and you will have an opportunity to learn from 2500+ members like you.

To Join:
You can join by getting an invite. Please provide your contact details in the form above.

Why is partnership with college placement cells important for us?

To ensure that our programme is not in any type of conflict with the placement process at your college.

What will be the selection process?

There will be 3 rounds in the process. For the first round, all registered students will be required to take the KYS Test conducted through the app. If you meet the cut-off, you will be selected to move on to subsequent rounds. More information will be shared with registered students by Nov 10.

No weightage to CGPA or your degree.

How should I prepare for the selection process?

It is a hands-on thinking test and hence no preparation is required. However, you can practice with a mock KYS Test on the Upraised app to get familiarised with the test interface and the question types. Mock KYS test will be available until Nov 14, 2020.

What will I learn during the Learning Journey?

Necessary things so that you can perform during your PM internship and get PPO.

How much time am I required to put in for the Learning Journey?

~1 hours per day for 3-4 weeks. Delivery will be self-serve & schedule will be flexible.

Will it conflict with my academic programme?

No. That is another reason for us to partner with your placement cell so that we can avoid any type of conflicts.

Is internship guaranteed for all the students selected for the Learning Journey?

Yes. All the students included in the final selection list will have guaranteed placement.

Am I eligible to sit for campus internship opportunities while being part of the learning journey?

Yes. You are eligible to sit for campus placements till you get a final offer from a participating company as long as your college permits.

Am I eligible to appear for the Upraised process if I accept an internship through college?


Am I eligible to sit for campus internship opportunities after getting an internship offer from Upraised?

No. We will ensure that by coordinating through your placement cell.

What if I get an off-campus internship after getting an offer from Upraised?

Final internship offers through Upraised will be recognised through placement cell. Hence you will face the same consequences that you will face in breaching internship opportunities provided to you through your college.

When will I get to know which company I am going to join?

Jan 2021

What will be stipend for the internship?

All the 25 opportunities are paid internship opportunities and will carry competitive stipend. You will get to know upon getting the final offer in Jan 2021 but all internships are paid internships.

In which companies can I expect Internship opportunities?

We have partnered with high-growth multi-million dollar’ companies. Some of these have become household names. More information around the companies will be shared with you through placement cells.

What is the assurance that my internship offer is not revoked by the company?

We have onboarded financially sound companies with robust management in place.

Further, we have ensured all the corner cases before onboarding companies in this programme. You will have a very smooth internship experience.

In case of any such unfortunate situation, Upraised will take full responsibility and ensure that you get an internship at another company. Once selected, a product internship is guaranteed to you by Upraised, 100%.