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Anyone motivated deserves a chance at a fulfilling career. Don’t settle.
About upraised
Our journey so far...
Candidate interviews to understand their pain points in finding a job.
Company interviews to understand their pain points in Recruiting.
Placement rate of our candidates so far...
Upraisers on their way to becoming Product Managers
Exploration began in late 2018 when Mona (our founder) was advising well funded startups that were struggling to discover good talent.
Started the year off by helping our first member land a Product Management job in their dream company
Our aim is to transform the lives of 150 motivated individuals before the end of 2021
We invest in our users
Their success is our success!
From mentorship sessions, mock interviews, learning journeys to career counseling sessions, all our offerings are customised to meet our users’ needs.
Meet the Team
Diverse. Empowered. Curious.
We are a tri-cultural team, united by a common goal - “Help people realise their true potential”.  We are a small but mighty team , all of whom have made a transition in our careers at some point. We are gender, culture and geo-diverse
Mona (莫伊娜)
Software → Product
Gautam (赵哲领)
Front-end → Full-stack
Nastya (娜斯)
Economics → Front-end
Jatin (贾廷)
Backend → Full-stack
Ivy (诗雨)
Geography → Analyst
Aditya (太阳)
Marketing → Product
Consulting → Product
Toshi (彤新)
Software → Design
Our Investors
Kunal Shah
Philosophy → Founder
Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Engineer → Founder
Nathan Blecharczyk
Engineer → Founder
Lightspeed India
SouthPark Commons

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